Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From the Brains of Babes

In September, I created this half-page illustration for California Magazine. It accompanied an interview with Alison Gopnik who was discussing her new book "The Philosophical Baby".

My first instinct was to show an x-ray of a baby's brain, and the humor would come from all the crazy stuff packed within. This solution has the added benefit of letting the baby and the reader in on the joke, while leaving the medical profession somewhat in the dark.

Here is the original sketch, with physics equations.

Here is a second concept with a focus more on philosophy. I spent more time figuring out what to call this baby, than I spent naming my own children.

The editor liked the first option, but wanted to take the text from sketch two to shift the emphasis to philosophy. Sometimes playing mix 'n match with sketches gets dicey, but she was absolutely right. I gotta say that coming up with the infanto-aphorisms on the wall was half the fun.