Hahana Beach

This logo was one of the more exciting projects I worked on last year.
Hahana Beach is a local restaurant, a bar and the premier venue for professional sand volleyball in Cincinnati. I was brought on by Parkey Design to inject some personality and primal savagery to their identity. Together we combed through images of retro tiki signage, tribal tattoos and authentic artifacts from all over the South Pacific.

The client wanted to include a sun/moon motif to emphasize the fact that Hahana Beach caters to leagues during the day and only gets livelier when the sun goes down.

My favorite attempts were based on Maori facial tattoos and had a real savage quality to them, I thought they were very descriptive of sand volleyball —especially the spiking.

After the logo was finalized, I was asked to design their menu —a rewarding task which allowed me to use some of the Oceanic design elements that didn't make it in the logo.
The menu has been changed a bit since it's creation. You can view the current version here.

Hahana Beach opened on Wooster Pike late last summer. Check them out now, and you can say you ate there during their first full season!


Christina said…
Nice! Will have to check out this restaurant. Solid series of designs.
Chuck said…
Thanks, Christina!
It's a fun place. We took the kids last Saturday.