Hairy Potter

I wasn't sure I'd ever get around to posting this, but Potter-mania caught up with me.

This is a cartoon I did for the Spring issue of California Magazine. They have a running feature called "Twisted Titles" where they invite readers to put a spin on a well-known book, and then they pay illustrators to pile on added snarkiness. The winning title was Hairy Potter —Hippie Ceramicist. A parody of Ghost was indefensible yet inescapable. I just needed the perfect fill-in for Sam. Dobby seemed a natural choice —he has Swayze's eyes.

Here are some sketches:
First take: Harry as a stoner-type. I rejected this one myself.

concept 2:

Obviously, you can't do a tiki mug on a spinning pottery wheel, but who cares. Who wouldn't want a Voldemort tiki-mug?

Here's the chosen concept:

fixed up a bit:

The final page (click to enlarge):