Sleeping Bear

I recently finished another shirt design for Troop 820. (This year they are going to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan.) I felt that including an actual sleeping bear was too obvious, but I didn't want to omit it either, so I made him drooling (a bit obvious again).
Once I came up with the utterly infantile idea of fish being lured away from the standard bait by the bear's dribbling loogie, I knew I was done.

Here's a page of brainstorming thumbnails:

More sketching and exploring the right expression on the scout.

final composite sketch:

Once again, I'll leave with a hearty recommendation for the
T-shirt Co. They always do a fantastic job!


Tony Guard said…
How do I get one of those T-shirts! Awesome!
Chuck said…
Thanks, Tony!
If you like, I could ask the T-shirt Co. if they still have the artwork and how much it would cost to do another.